PASTOR REZA SAFA was born and raised a devout Shiite Muslim in the country of Iran.  His father was a Muslim scholar and writer.  After experiencing the hard reality of Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime, Reza left Iran and moved to Sweden.  There he heard the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  

Pastor Reza founded The Harvesters World Outreach, a worldwide evangelistic and healing ministry.  For the past 20 years, he has held crusades and pastors conferences in nearly 50 countries, reaching thousands of people in India, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union for Jesus.  People of all religions, especially those from Muslim and Hindu backgrounds, have turned to Christ in his outreaches around the world. 

Pastor Reza is also the founder and pastor of Fishermen’s House Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He has ministered to and educated many people in the U.S. as well as other countries through TV ministry and “Islam Awareness Seminars.”  Pastor Reza has authored several books, including The Coming Fall of Islam in Iran, an inspiring testimony of the mighty revival taking place in the Middle East, The Rise and Fall of Islam, a prophetic message for America and how it must respond to terrorism; Inside Islam, a well-documented work on the religion of Islam and how to reach Muslims for Christ; Blood of the Sword, Blood of the Cross, which tells the true story of his conversion; and the Islam Awareness Seminar study guide, which breaks down the fallacies of Islam and relates how to share Jesus with Muslims.

The Harvesters World Outreach is now witnessing an historic outpouring of God in the country of Iran.  The ministry began to air Rouze Nejat, or The Day of Salvation, in the Persian language via satellite television on May 18, 2003.  Since then a flood of calls and emails come in on a daily basis from Iranians and Afghans in the Middle East and around the world who are coming to Jesus through these programs.  “TBN Nejat TV”—the first full-time Christian satellite network in the Persian language—is being launched to effectively disciple this harvest field.  Glory be to God! u 918-488-9645 u FAX 918-488-9651